For your Feet! (and legs)

I can’t help myself.  I like fashion. I really do like it.

I am a pretty serious thrift store shopper and I also like making my own things.  However, I get tons of inspiration from places like Pinterest and the daily fashions of the bloggers I follow.  Since I have no desire to pay retail (for a wide variety of reasons, least of which is that I can’t afford to) I like looking for DIY versions and vintage counter-parts that may have even inspired current items.

The things I do end up buying new are usually socks and leggings and sometimes shoes. Here is a sampling of some of my favorites that I’ve pinned over the years.

I’m not sure I could bring myself to run in these shoes below–they’re too cute!  Plus, I am a barefoot style jogger and wear these hideous things that look like a nightmare but great for running (in my opinion).

Sneakers on right by Nike Liberty. Sneaker on left by Memphis Group adidas.

I totally have versions of both these socks below. I did not buy them through this website so I can’t speak for their particular quality but DANG they are cute as all get out.  For “novelty” socks the price is not too bad. If you spend $25 you get free shipping, which is pretty much 3 pair and you’ll definitely want at least 3 pair!!

The Dainty Squid originally turned me on to Mod Cloth and all of their drool worthy goods. This past week a pair of socks appeared on Kaylah’s Friday Favorites.  These two pair below are on my “when-I-get-some-extra-flow” list.  I think the ones on the right look sort of like flamingos. And the ones on the left, I mean, come on!  Kittens in the pussy willows?! Too cute and SO ME!

Kawaii, y’all.  Are you familiar with the term?  My personal definition of kawaii is a combination of colorful and cute with a child-like feeling. My whole look is not always as over the top as kawaii often is, but it’s still a pretty good description of how I dress when I’m not just in jeans and a tee shirt.


My favorite things: minty green/Baja Blast, sprinkled sweets, and Totoro!

And while we are drooling, let’s go ahead and admire these shoes…

Irregular Choice and Palladium Boots are my most coveted shoe brands.  Seriously, I would wear anything from either brand.  I may never forgive myself for not getting those glow boots last winter season.  I have a basic black pair that I LOVE.  A glowing sole? Ugh.  Want. So. Baddd.

Just an FYI, I wear a European size 37 ❤

And just one more thing:








Like I said, I do occasionally splurge on fancy stuff, but I also make my own socks.  I sell them on my etsy shop, so you can splurge and buy them and then I can splurge and buy more fancy socks!  We all win, haha!  If you see anything you like, let me know!

Until next time, keep your feet happy, however that suits YOU!



4 thoughts on “For your Feet! (and legs)

  1. GLOW. BOOTS. I want all of the things. Those knee socks are so awesome! Man, if I ever win the lottery, I will buy one of everything from ModCloth. I really love socks, I just hate wearing them with shoes. Lol. It’s strange, even in Winter I won’t wear them with shoes.


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