Daytona Adventures, Part 4


On our last day in Daytona, we finally made it for a walk on the beach!

 There were birds.


              Just look at those little birdy foot prints.


My grandmother and I had a pretty great race day tradition back in the day. We would walk down to the beach and write the name of our favorite driver in the sand.  In doing so, our driver should win.  Over the past few years that it has just been my mom and me on this trip, we have written votes for the grandparents in the sand for them.  This year I am pulling for the Missouri hero, Carl Edwards.  Those of you Walking Dead fans will get the double entendre for the name I wrote in the sand.  Go #99!!!

I love pastel colored buildings at the coast.  This robin’s egg blue motel is so inviting!

On the right is the beach view of the Desert Inn I was telling y’all about yesterday.

Those old motor lodges sure are magic!

AND HERE IS THE GROTTO!  We made it back to the Our Lady of Lourdes thrift shop and had fun poking around there. Of course I had to get a picture of famed grotto. The sun made taking a picture nearly impossible, or maybe that’s just what happens when you photograph a grotto.  There was a little waterfall in there, and all sorts of plastic flowers. The rock part was seriously 12 feet tall at least.  Pretty impressive and possibly worth mentioning in directions after all.




Some beautiful ankle breakers from the grotto thrift.  I admired them and took a picture instead of risking life and limb for glamour. They’d be great for a Carolina Panther’s party though!!





Pinkadilly has been a favorite shopping spot over the past few years.  This is a good a time as any to mention that pretty much every thrift store in Daytona is run by crabby religious women from up North.  At Pinkadilly they were having a sale on clothes for kids.  As I was paying for my couple of purchases the cashier said, “Well I guess our clothes sale for children wouldn’t interest you–you’re past that point in your life.”  WTH?!?!  I’m not a pup but I’m not THAT old!  It gave mom and I a good laugh, after I convinced mom not to slap her.  I pointed out that I still get carded for booze so I’m not that worried about it. Still, these ladies could learn a thing or two about southern hospitality from the really friendly bartenders in town!


Why does this pink bunny tube thing have a flash light in her mouth?

And this flat clown–his eyes make cents, don’t they?

After a few new thrift stores we headed back to the Daytona Flea Market to pick up a few last gifts.  I always love looking at the miles and miles of funny t-shirts.  Here is a selection of what I admired!




The NASCAR merchandise area at the flea market is a nice alternative now that the driver’s don’t have their own trucks at the speedway.  There is a ton of junk to sort through and if you take your time you can find some gems.  Here is a crowd scene–note the giant soft serve cone in the background–they sell huge waffle cones of the good stuff. We bypassed the sweets in lieu of draft beer, which you can walk around drinking while you shop.  This makes the dip sampling isle even more delightful.


Now for the day’s purchases!

I have tried really hard to NOT start collecting salt and pepper shakers.  I’ve resisted it for at least 25 years.  It was coming, and there was nothing to be done to stop it.  This set of skulls set me back a whole 50 cents.  The shakers rock back and forth and make a delightful clacking sound.  I have got to learn how to make GIFs so that you can see them in action.  Just incredible.  The shaker collection has officially begun.


2 can coozies from my favorite Daytona bar (DJ’s Deck), vintage beaded necklace, troll doll (FREE from the Grotto thrift store!), feather butterfly bird clips, earrings with sparkles!


And finally a totally weird doll score!!!!

I Love Lucy, “Lucy is Envious” Episode 89, Pink Label Barbie

and an acme ceramic stove, perfect for my doll house!


Here is a close up of one of the two crazy little dolls!  Look at that nose and eyebrows!!!!


I’m not sure if I’m going to open the box or save them to maybe sell later.  I already found a set of them on Ebay going for about 3 times what I paid.  BUT THEY ARE SO WEIRD I may not be able to part with them.  So glad I finally found some weird dolls on this trip.

And now it is Jacuzzi time.  It’s been a heck of a trip!  I hope you have enjoyed my field notes!  Stay tuned for my return to regular life in the LC.  Until next year, Daytona!







2 thoughts on “Daytona Adventures, Part 4

  1. The salt and pepper shakers are so cool! I never knew Niagra Falls and skulls could be so magiical! I can’t wait to see them in action. THE DOLLS are AMAZING! I just noticed the little raygun in thier belts. The flashlight tube rabbit is a little unsettling, not sure what creepy Easter gifts that bunny would bring. 😬 I hope you bought all of the shirts, they are fabulous. If I remember my Florida fashion, they would pair great with visors, white elastic shorts, and years of sun damaged skin. LOL!!


  2. OMG. the baby comment. so rude. You did good. I’ve FINALLY figured out all you can do is laugh when some old northern lady has no concept of general politness. I think you really started your salt shaker collection with a bang. Nice work. I also must comment on the tube/flashlight bunny: it just doesn’t seem right. Have a good last hurrah in Daytona!


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