Tiny Tuesday #1

I really like themes.

I like parties with themes.  (Kaylah’s Waffle Party!)

I like book clubs with themes.  (“Western Romance” this month at my public library!)

I really like blogs with day of the week themes. (Friday Favorites, GPOY, etc.)

Oh, themes!  I like organizing and I like having things to look forward to.  I’m not sure if it’ll happen every Tuesday, but I can’t think of more fun things to perpetually share than tiny things.  Why is it that so many tiny things are so adorable?  I dub today “Tiny Tuesday”–a day for sharing adorable tiny things!

Let’s go ahead and get that elephant of a joke out of the way–I know not everything is better tiny.  Ahem, I know I enjoy a BIG buffet and BIG bouffant hair and a few other big things as much as the next person.  Some things are better big.  That leaves lots of other stuff fun for being tiny! {Read about that adorable tiny elephant here.}

For starters-tiny food jewelry.  Now y’all know that I’m a doll fan, so part of me would want to order these treats without the findings.  It would probably be just as fun to have the chains too so I could carry the tiny Sangria and grilled cheese wherever I go!  The creations below are from this Etsy shop in Northern Ireland called Neat Eats and everything is original and handmade!

Here are some of my current favorite store bought miniatures that I got from Micheal’s. They’re made by Sparrow Innovations.  So tiny!  So cute!  I have the set on the right, and totally want the set on the left.  They’re so perfect for my 12 inch dolls.  I’ll have to post pics next time of the little collection I have going for my doll house dream kitchen.

Erasers, y’all.  These are from the Japanese company Iwako.  You can find them on Amazon and for about $7 you get 10 erasers!  These are a great size for dolls, too.  It’s really silly fun to take the erasers apart.  The little strawberries are too tiny and too cute!

Unless you live under a rock, or have not been around an elementary aged kid for 2 years, you’ve surely heard of Shopkins.  (They are totally the Beanie Baby of this generation.)  When I first heard about them I was like, “Okay, so this is a toy that you actually buy so you can pretend to buy it.” Consumerism at it’s finest. But y’all.  They are so tiny and cute that I can hardly stand it.  Of course there are rare and super rare Shopkins, making them painfully collectible.  Since they’re anthropomorphic does it make it cannibalistic if my dolls “eat” them?

Click here to see the $129 golden doughnut Shopkin from Season 1…

Now for some tiny cats!

Go Cute Kitty is a cute overloaded blog about kittens.

 A Buzzfeed video of tiny cats in hats!

And here is a tiny kitten AND a tiny sombrero.


I hope you enjoyed looking at my current TINY obsessions!  Stay tuned for MORE tiny toys, tiny animals, and many other tiny delights!

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