Happy Pie Day 2016!

I know that in most places Pie Day is considered to be on Pi Day–March 14th of every year. The National Pie Council says that January 23rd is Pie Day.  Here in Lincoln County the celebration is organized annually  by the local Extension Community Association.   Our event is held a few days later that the national date and that made TODAY the day!

{Here is a little more info from the Lincoln-Times News!}

Pie Day means big FREE plate of pie samples.  *SWOONTHUNK* as Dennis Jones would say.

2015 was my first year going to this extremely popular local holiday.  The sampling is held at the Citizen’s Center downtown and the doors open at noon.  You should really get there by 11:45 to beat the looooong line that snakes through the lobby.  For a mere 3 bucks you can get a recipe booklet that includes the secrets for every pic you’ll get to taste.

But seriously.  PIE.


That is a PIE-l of pie!  It looks kind of gross but let me assure you it is SO.  GOOD.  I’ve got my sweet tea in the pic you see here, but I quickly switched to coffee!  Since I don’t eat meat, my plate was full of mostly sweets.  There was a broccoli cheese pie, and a roasted vegetable flat bread pie that were savory little snippets of sin!  The salted pecan pie bars required a sneaky second trip.  My favorite had to be the Tang Pie which is just what you think it might be–a whipped cream pie with orange tang.

I did not buy the dang cookbook this year (shame on me!) but I went online and found two recipes that sound about right.  Here they are: TangPie and another Tang Pie.  You’ve just got to try it!

Now that you know that it was Pie Day, I recommend you celebrate belatedly…and prepare for more Pie Parties in March!  What is YOUR favorite sweet or savory pie?

2 thoughts on “Happy Pie Day 2016!

    • 2 pi(e) days are WAY better than one! Glad you’ve enjoyed so far 🙂 I haven’t checked back to your blog since your big work adventure–shame on me! Post a link here in case any of my reader’s want to check it out!


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